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How to Come Up with Creative Podcast Ideas

With so many podcasts on the market already, how do you start a podcast that does not have that “been there, done that” feel to it? How do you think of creative podcast ideas that aren’t already saturating the market? That is what we are attacking today. First off, did you know that…

  • Smartphone ownership tends to correlate to a greater likelihood of listening to a podcast?
  • Consumers are more likely to listen to podcasts on a mobile device than on a computer?
  • Podcast listeners are more likely to listen to streams or podcasts through their car audio systems?

What do these statistics mean, you ask?
Well, they all point to a mobile consumer on the move and how easy it is to reach him/her with a podcast. A podcast is, in fact, one of the most effective, fun, easy and inexpensive mediums to build your cred and build up a decent consumer/fan base pretty fast. Sounds good, doesn’t it? But first things first.

Do you already have a creative podcast idea?

The first order of business for anyone launching a podcast is to pick a podcast idea or topic. And while you may think that coming up with a topic is a piece of cake, it can actually turn out to be quite a struggle. Don’t you worry! Here are a few tips on choosing the right topic for your podcast.

No? Then what are your interests?

Podcasting about something you’re passionate about is always the best idea. Here’s why:

  • Your enthusiasm (and knowledge) about the subject matter will reach your audience.
  • You will be motivated to produce quality content.
  • In the early stages of your podcast, when your audience is growing slowly, podcasting about a topic that you enjoy will get you through those weeks when you don’t always feel like putting in the time and effort.

Does your ‘interest’ have an audience?

Remember that your goal is to have an audience listening to your podcast. This should also be taken into consideration when coming up with creative podcast ideas. You may be passionate about monster trucks but if it doesn’t whet your podcast demographics’ appetite, then what’s the point talking about it?

Does your podcast idea fill a need?

One of the best ways to ensure that you can draw more listeners to your podcast is to find a niche that’s not already saturated with other podcasts on the same topic. The less competition from established podcasts in the same topic, the easier it will be for you to grow your audience at a faster rate.

Some common podcast ideas

How-tos: This idea is interesting because people want knowledge they could use to solve their problems…and they usually want it right away.

Stories: Your audience wouldn’t mind if you get a bit personal with stories. Talking about the weather and the experience during last family vacation can get the audience to feel like they know you on a personal level. Just keep it short enough to deliver the message.

Case studies: People like this. They like to know that others have been there and done it.

Reviews: Whether it be books you recently read that you find helpful for your audience or online tools that you know your audience can benefit from, reviews can work wonders in engaging your audience.

News and events: Updating the audience with industry news and events can help you establish your podcast as the source for information in your niche.

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